The Story of Myles

By Dorie Sparkman.


On a chilly February morning of March, 2009, an old truck pulled into the DeKalb County Animal Control parking lot. It was early and the shelter had not yet opened. After sitting idle for a moment or two, the truck's door opened and a large male Akita hopped out, wagging his tail. He looked happily back at the truck, thinking his owner would soon follow. But to his surprise, the door was quickly slammed and the truck sped away, spraying gravel and dirt into his face. Startled, the dog trotted after the truck. He began to gallop as he reached the highway, moving along the shoulder to avoid passing vehicles. The truck had vanished, leaving him scared, alone and confused.

Later that day, the dog made his way back to the animal shelter, hoping that his owner had returned there. By this time, the building was bustling with activity, and the dog was unsure and frightened. A man in a county uniform bent down and called to him. The man seemed kind, but the dog was too frightened to trust him, trotting quickly into the cover of woods behind the shelter. There he hid for the rest of the day. Just around dusk, the kind man in the county uniform appeared at the fence separating the woods from the shelter property. Finding a small opening, he placed a bowl of food and one of fresh water where the dog could reach them. He did this every day for more than a year.

As the seasons passed, the dog began to come out and wait for the man, an animal control officer named Myles. He knew that the man meant him no harm, but it was hard for him to trust any human after what his owner had done. The dog began to show the effects of living the way he was - his coat became matted and dirty. Ticks dotted his head, flies ate the tips of his ears away and fleas caused him to itch and scratch. Something had to be done, and it was decided that the dog should be caught using a baited trap.

Before trapping the dog, the shelter contacted the Akita Rescue to make sure he had a safe place to go after the capture. Akita Rescue Society of Florida was able to arrange for Lazy S Ranch and Kennels to provide comfortable boarding when needed. Surprisingly, it did not take long for the trap to work. With the help of the dog's friend, Myles, he was lured into the trap and soon found himself inside the shelter looking out instead of outside looking in. After a year of living in the wild, the dog did not adjust quickly to being confined and handled by humans, but everyone could tell he desperately craved human affection. The kind animal control officers, especially Myles, worked with him daily until he regained some of his confidence, and was ready to be transported to the kennel. Amy, the animal control officer who was responsible for finding a Rescue for him, got up early on her day off and drove him over a hundred miles to his new temporary home. There, Sue, his new 'mom', began his rehabilitation in earnest. We all decided to call him Myles, after his friend who kept him alive while he was hiding in the woods.

Myles, the Akita, continues to recover from his ordeal while he awaits his forever home. He has been neutered, treated for heartworm, and is well on his way to a full recovery, both physically and emotionally. Akita Rescue Society of Florida wishes to thank the staff at DeKalb County Animal Control and Sue Ingram at Lazy S for their love and care of Myles - he owes them his life. Donations towards his care or inquiries about adopting Myles can be made by contacting Akita Rescue Society of Florida.


UPDATE, March 21, 2011


After working with Myles here in Florida, he's becoming much more social, greeting all customers and vistors to the kennel with a happy smile. He seems to be saying, "You look like a nice enough fellow.....could you please just reach those cookies for me? Yes....that's right.... They're right over there on top of that crate!" He still startles at loud noises, but relaxes more daily. Myles is so awesome - well worth all the effort from so many people to save his life. Myles finally found out what it was like to be loved when Toni and Rob gave him an amzing home where he could spend the last year of his life. Myles sadly crossed the bridge in 2012.

Myles Photo Myles Photo
Myles with Myles
Myles Photo
Myles before capture and living in the woods.


Myles Photo
Myles after capture.


Myles Photo
Myles getting settled in.


Myles Photo
Myles on the road to recovery.


Myles Photo
Myles in Florida and ready to be adopted!